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Privacy Policy

We recognize the significance of your confidentiality as booking your assignment with our website. Privacy policy of our company is definite and executed to make sure that your personal data is safe.

  1. Your personal data like: name, contact number, email id etc. are never shared with anyone and kept confidential.

  2. We use your details only for the communication with you regarding your task and only by customer care team.

  3. We do not provide your personal details to subject expert as well as we do not share experts’ details with students.

  4. In case of any sample paper given by our tutor then it is only for your reference. Please do not submit sample paper.

  5. Your payment details are safe with us as we do not get any kind of access to any type of card. As per Paypal agreement, such kind of data is kept confidential by paypal.

  6. If you think any information/data provided by you is incorrect then email us. We will make sure that your information is complete and correct.

  7. We revise our privacy policy periodically, so you are suggested to keep regular eye on our updates.